A successful business career, and a loving wife and family, isn’t enough for Dave. Seduced by promises of illicit sex through on line chat rooms and internet dating sites, Dave thinks he had found a utopia filled with submissive married women looking for no-strings thrills. But one by one, they are being murdered, and he is the only suspect.


After his wife loses interest in him, fifty-year-old Dave Barndon turns to the dark side of the Internet and sex chat rooms. There he finds willing partners who are happy to fulfill his needs with no strings attached. But they aren’t the only ones looking to play.
When a woman he had an affair with is murdered he becomes the prime suspect. He thinks his alibi is solid until a second woman is murdered, and then a third. He fights for his freedom and redemption while the body count rises. He must figure out who is framing him and why before the killer strikes again.

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Here are some of the reviews so far: Domin8 is a book that keeps you guessing till the end, written well, great characters, and a storyline I found original. Well done, Mr. King, your reader J@AA.**** Honestly, I usually don’t read books of this particular genre… but a friend told me about this novel so I read the author’s bio and thought I should give it a shot. I LOVED it. Best mystery/crime book I’ve ever read. Would definitely recommend this to friends & family!**** Once I finished reading the first chapter, I knew I had to continue reading the entire book. A couple days later, I read the final page with a sense of extreme satisfaction. What a great thriller and mystery book!**** Very entertaining, caught my attention from the beginning. Very interesting plot with lots of surprises! Deffenetly would recommend to readers that enjoy crime/mystery novels.****T errific story where I did NOT figure out the ending beforehand! Characters were well rounded and easy to picture in my head. They’re actions always matched their personalities. Dialogue was tight and meaningful.