Forever Night

A wounded and psychologically scarred decorated SAS hero becomes a sociopathic serial killer while hunting down the one and only love of his life, his wife Amanda.


Paul Williams suffered a horrific childhood at the hands of his sadistic father and alcoholic mother. He escaped to join the Army where he becomes a decorated SAS hero. He meets and marries the true love of his life, but after being near fatally injured in a bomb blast during an operation, he is returned home mentally and physically wounded. When his wife leaves due to his fits of irrational rage and jealousy, he tracks her across the country to Perth on a ‘mission’ to hunt her down.

Using disguises and his training skills he kills any woman who resembles her until he tracks Amanda to a suburban shopping center. A task force, led by Detective Inspector Dillon Bradley, is set up to stop Williams who has been nicknamed ‘The Ripper.’ After a media conference Williams plans a diversion which will have catastrophic consequences for Bradley.

The murderer knows the wounds he received in Afghanistan will eventually kill him and he is determined to finish his mission at all costs before they do. Being highly trained in the art of killing and survival Williams intends to take as many police officers with him and is well armed to do so.

****Watch out for the release date coming soon in audio,, and paperback.****

Here are some early reviews from readers:

The book is a great read and worth while to get. The journey that you are taken on will be strange and scary , that keeps you wanting to read more. The author did a great job on the book by keeping you wanting more as you read , there was a lot of details on the person that story was about. Great job with the book.

Took my Breathe Away. This book was fascinating and horrifying like watching a train wreck. I have never had a book effect me so much. The writer had me envisioning the cold eyes of the killer. Have to read more of his books.Great book!

Intense, and the type of book you do not want to put down.