Glimpse, The Dinner Guest. Deadly Glimpses Book 5


Detective Sargent and clinical psychologist, Patricia Holmes, has been invited to a murder mystery dinner party at a small luxury hotel located in Western Australia. The dinner is a reunion party for the psychologists and psychiatrists who work at Perth’s largest mental hospital, which treats the criminally insane.

But there is an uninvited guest–a former patient who is hungry for revenge. In fact, he is ravenous. He will stop at nothing until he murders the doctor who gave him painful, electroconvulsive therapy.

Detective Sargent Holmes must stop a frenzied killer on a vicious spree—but can she save the other guests, or will she be the last one left alive?

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Here’s a review from N.N Light: A brilliant little ‘snack’ for fans of dark movies on Friday the 13th, perhaps especially if they occur in October. Another classic glimpse into the mind of yet another serial killer by the author who defines this genre in the 21st century. Fast-paced and fast-moving. A reader is hard-pressed to realize this is only a short story. There is so much to this story, the reader is full like he just finished War and Peace. DS Pat Holmes is the star here and fills the role with aplomb. Rick is left ‘minding the store’ and playing the late-arriving cavalry.

Glimpse, the Dinner Guest is a short story that grabs you from the start and doesn’t let go. Another unique brand of serial killer (how many different kinds there are is just a chilling thought). Very well written, superb flow and a quality read. A must-read to any fan of the Glimpse series and a great recommendation to any fan of murder mystery books. Fantastic little book.