Glimpse, The Tender Killer. Deadly Glimpses Book 3


Criminal psychologist Patricia Holmes is now a detective paired with Detective Sergeant Rick McCoy. Together they hunt The Biblical Killer, so named for the quotes left on walls written in the victim’s blood. To lure the murderer out they join the Tender Nights internet dating site, openly making themselves targets. Rick and Pat have fought their desire for each other for months. Can they now survive their lust and an insane murderer intent on vengeance?

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Glimpse, the Tender Killer is the third book in this series and the excitement continues! I’ve become very attached to the key characters, Detective Sergeant Rick McCoy and psychologist Patricia Holmes, as well as several others—which is exactly what a reader wants, and a good writer provides. In this installment, the race is on to find the Tender Killer, who hunts his prey from an online dating site. As Rick and Patricia continue on their own passionate, yet, painful journey, we delve into the mind of the killer and find out how he became a predator leaving bodies in his wake. This story also expands with a supernatural element, which begs the question: Is this evil entity part of a twisted mind, or out there in the world waiting to cling to another embittered human? I found it hard to put my kindle down with this book, and I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next! **** I have been fortunate is reading the first two books in this series, as well as the 3rd now. It’s a great series, with credible story premises and the good cops who put their lives on the line to solve cases and bring closure to families of victims. The characters are finely defined and I enjoy seeing the blend of personal and professional lives. This is well written with action filled pages that leave the reader riveted to the story. **** The third part of the Glimpse series lives up the to promise of the first two installments. The author can be commended for his excellent continuity that carries through from book one to book three. Once more the reader is presented with a different kind of serial killer. This one, afflicted with a mental disorder, but still as dangerous as the others. The glimpse into the twisted mind of the killer provides a stark portrait of a troubled mind.