Mark has returned from his two week shift at the mine site to find his wife missing, their bank account empty, his credit card maxed out and his $500,000 fully restored 1971 Ford GTHO phase 3 Falcon repossessed. The police don’t want to know; they think its just a marital dispute and she has left him. The repossession company deny they have the car, and that the repossession notice is a fake, but worse: Marks wife doesn’t come home – ever.

Financially ruined, angry and bitter, a distraught Mark In desperation turns to new private investigators Dillon and Jane Bradley for help to find her, and his car. Dillon discovers blood in Mark’s garage, forcing the police to finally take notice, and they order him to drop the case. When Mark’s wife’s body is found, crammed into the boot of her car which has been dumped in a city park, the subsequent investigation points to him being the prime and only suspect, and Mark is arrested for murder.

The Bradley’s are convinced he is innocent and they take up the task of finding the real killer. Together they must enter a dangerous world of illegal poker gambling run by violent criminals and protected by corrupt senior police officers, to find the truth and uncover the killer.