The Boy in the Bubble


The Boy in the Bubble

Release Friday the 13th of October 2023

The latest anthology by 13 authors, writing a story of 13 chapters. Get your fright on!

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Timothy Bergendorf suffers from so many potentially fatal allergies he’s forced to live in a self-contained bubble. Protected from everything and loved by his parents, Timothy endures a lonely childhood. Yet, as nature compensates, he develops extraordinary telekinetic and psychic powers. 

As he reaches puberty, his secret talents increase in power so he can travel the world in his mind. Using his power while juggling numerous cars in the air, Timothy suffers a ruptured hernia and is rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. 

But the operation goes wrong, Tim awakens in agony, and the arrogant, incompetent surgeon can’t help. Enraged, Timothy unleashes the full power of his ability—and no one in his path is safe.

 Timothy doesn’t just get mad; he gets even, and no one is safe.