The Vigilante and the Dancer


Nicky is sick of the violence he sees while driving a cab in the city. On the night of his brother Simon’s eighteenth birthday, a gang senselessly beat him to death, and Nicky hopes to find the men responsible. Nicky rescued Didi, a dancer, from two attackers, and they became friends as kindred spirits who both suffered a tragedy. But they have secrets. Didi’s secret is a daughter, and Nicky’s is that he is the Northbridge Vigilante who has killed men as they carried out violent crimes. Nicky’s last victim was the brother of a drug dealer, Jimmy Mallory, head of a powerful biker gang. The city explodes with gang warfare, fighting to control the drugs and nightclubs because of the murder of Mallory’s brother. The police are closing in on The Vigilante, but so is Mallory, who will stop at nothing to get revenge. Nicky has found the love of his life and finally someone to live for if only he can stay out of jail, and survive.

Originally published as The Vigilante Taxi, the story has gone through an extensive re-write and editing.

Here is a review from author J.C Starling:

This is my first time at reading this new author’s book, with whom Stephen B. King has a famous name, I found myself beautifully moved and is heartwarming sweet centring around a small girl and Nicky sort of complex relationship. The love in parental guidance has made me feel the more heartfelt emotions with Nicky’s relationship with Didi’s small daughter which I truly felt was like his own daughter. I don’t normally read crime story which was action packed paced. I felt Nicky’s was like the great Sherlock Holmes as a father.