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The Vigilante Taxi


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Nicky Pantella drives a cab during the night shift in the city, where he frequently sees violent, drunken crimes being committed, and he is sick of it. Some years before he put his life on hold and quit the army, when both his parents were killed in a car accident, so he could raise his thirteen year old brother, Simon. On the night of Simon’s eighteenth birthday he is senselessly beaten to death outside a nightclub by a group of men, and Nicky is left alone. When Simon’s killers receive ridiculously light sentences Nicky starts to take a gun to work with him in hopes one of his attackers will hail his cab one night, and with nothing left to live for, he knows he will use it if he gets the chance.

One night Nicky saves a young single mother, Didi, from being raped by two men in an alley, after she finished work as a lap dancer. Didi hates her job and life, and the men she has to pander to, but does it to support her beautiful young daughter, Siobhan, whose father left Didi when she was seven months pregnant. Nicky begins to take Didi home after work every night, and very slowly, they cultivate a hesitant friendship, while sharing a love of Elton John songs.

But Nicky has been intervening in violent crimes he sees on the streets while working, and shooting the perpetrators, often saving the lives of their victims, and the Northbridge Vigilante was born, and hailed a hero by the press. Nicky kills a man to stop him beating his wife in the early hours of one morning, but he happens to be the brother of an underworld figure, Jimmy Mallory, who is the head of a bikie gang who controls the city drug trade via the Devil’s Grave Bikie Chapter. Mallory initially thinks a rival gang killed his brother, and starts an all-out war with them as revenge, and they retaliate, causing havoc as their war spirals out of control, which puts pressure on the police to stop the warring gangs. Meanwhile Nicky and Didi have fallen deeply in love causing him to realise it is time to stop being the vigilante as he now has something to live for, and two people to look after; Didi, and Siobhan.

Though he doesn’t know it, Nicky is getting closer to being discovered by the police, and through Mallory’s informers he is also being relentlessly hunted by him, and he wants Nicky dead. Both Didi and Nicky have waited a lifetime to find the love that they now share, but, is it too late for them? The police on one side and Mallory on the other are closing in.

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