Thirty-Three Days


Jenny is a lonely 68 year old lecturer in environmental studies, who is approached by a man who says he is from the future. He is the sixth in a line of people who played leapfrog through time to meet her. They took an incredible leap of faith in the word of a stranger and took a drug to send their consciousness back in turn. Why? To meet her and convince her to do the same because she alone can save the future of mankind from an all consuming disease which is ravaging all plant life two hundred years in the future. The blight, called Yellow Spot is devastating everything, leaving nothing but windswept dust bowls, where nothing else will grow

If she agrees, she must become a ‘Leaper’ herself, take the drug he concocted, and wake up in her thirty three years younger body. Once in the past she has just thirty-three days to convince a young micro-biologist not to release his genetically modified strain of wheat, which harbors the deadly blight in its gene structure.

But that is just the start of her problems…….She falls in love for the first time in sixty-eight years with his father, and she must convince them both of her sincerity before her consciousness goes back to the future, leaving her young self with no memory of the preceding time period. If she fails, the men in the future will send an assassin and she is torn between saving the planet, or the man she loves.