Winter at the Light


Forbes Lighthouse is a dangerous place. Twenty-year-old Molly McLaren agrees to tend the light when her father breaks his leg, so she leaves behind the city and her nursing career. Molly dreads the thought of three months as the sole inhabitant on the tiny island, nineteen nautical miles off the rugged coastline of Augusta in Western Australia.

Molly discovers she enjoys the solitude, and when a massive storm arrives bringing a life raft, Molly risks her life to save the unconscious man inside. On waking, he says he has lost his memory but as Molly nurses him back to health she wonders if he has. When the storm finally clears, Molly has fallen for the man she’s nicknamed John, but still has doubts about his honesty.

The real danger arrives with two men who are searching for her mystery man. They want to kill him and anyone else who can identify them, and Molly quickly learns; on a lighthouse, there is nowhere to hide.

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Here are some Amazon reviews: Set on a lonely and isolated island, Winter at the Light by Stephen B. King is a thrilling suspense novel. It is an excellent story containing engaging characters, an intriguing plot, and a captivating storyline. Of all the characters, Molly is my favorite. With natural human qualities, her persona is superbly developed. Despite her fear and naiveté, Molly’s will to survive and her inherent strength and courage add an admirable and authentic facet to her character. It is a captivating novel that is sure to satisfy those who love a great suspense story infused with intrigue and an element of danger. I recommend it to everyone who loves a good story with a strong female protagonist. **** From the very beginning, Winter at the Light captured my heart. I’m a huge lover of historical lighthouses and Stephen B. King excels in breathing new life to this long-forgotten part of history. Lighthouses and their keepers were paramount to saving the lives of millions of sailors, boaters, and fishermen. Molly is a feisty, independent woman who wants to be a doctor. Her love for her father is commendable but it’s her adventurous spirit I loved most. The three mysterious men added such suspense to the plot, I held my breath a couple of times while reading. The plot moves at a nice easy pace with plenty of colorful characters. The suspense is countered with a delightful sweet romance. What makes this book 5+ stars for me, though, is the rich narration detailing the love of the sea/ocean. Stephen B. King is a masterful storyteller and Winter at the Light is a must-read. Highly recommend!****I have read other King books, and this is different. I love how he embraces new styles and genres, and I think this is my favorite. It’s a book not for everyone…It’s slow building and doesn’t rush to do anything. It’s really an ode to the sea. I loved the notes from the author at the end. He clearly has a respect for lighthouse keepers, and the fact he chose to set it on 1952. He excels at building this tale using exposition.