I have submitted my books to NN Light for reviews and promotional work for five years and have always been thrilled with what they have done, but today, I received an email completely out of the blue telling me that My story, The Boy in the Bubble was one of 1200 books that had been submitted to them over 2023 and it had been selected as a FINALIST in their awards in the International Author of the Year Category. I am staggered, humbled, and speechless (not a good thing for a writer) to be even nominated, let alone a finalist. As I was asked politely to leave school at the age of fifteen, to be a published author of now seventeen works is surprising enough, surely, but to be recognized as a possible International Author of the Year? Someone pinch me, please.

Here is a copy of their review at the time of publication from AMAZON:

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N. N. Light
5.0 out of 5 stars

I couldn’t put it down 5+ stars
Reviewed in Canada on October 18, 2023Verified Purchase
A lonely boy forced to live in a bubble discovers his special telekinetic powers. Injured, Tim undergoes surgery where it goes terribly wrong, and he is forced to unleash vengeance on anyone and everyone. Wow, such a powerful horror tale! The Boy in the Bubble is a remarkable short story filled with emotional angst, relatable characters, and a scary plot. If you love classic horror with a modern twist, you’ll love The Boy in the Bubble.

Let’s start with the characters. This book’s full focus is little Timothy. As I read his story, my heart broke for him. Loved by his parents, his loneliness consumes him. I wish I could say things end well for him, but they don’t. So much pain, so much anguish, it bleeds from the pages. My pity is quickly replaced with cheering his vengeance on.

The narration is so well done, it draws the reader in. Equal parts emotional and descriptive, the narration becomes the vehicle which propels the plot.

I’m a big fan of this author. Even after reading his books for years, his writing talent grows. He’s one of the best horror/thriller authors on the market and no one knows who he is. If you love the other Stephen King, give this one a try. Highly recommend!

Thank you, NN Light, for believing in me and enjoying the story. If I never get to a finalist again, I will take this one to my grave a very happy and proud man.

Here is the Amazon link if anyone would like to read for themselves, it is only 99c (US)