Are you looking for great books to read? Check out the best three books I’ve read this year by my favorite authors.

Check the below link for a fantastic site for recommendations:

There are so many thousands of books out there; how do we find a new author to follow? invited me to share the top three books I’ve read this year, and I was delighted to participate. Shepherd is a fantastic resource for discovering great books as reviewed by people like me, who have not been paid for their thoughts. Most authors are voracious readers, and I am no exception. When I find a writer I want to follow, I am deeply interested in what books they enjoy reading. So, dear ever-patient reader, if you are even remotely interested in what books I read for enjoyment, click on the above link and take a look. I have done a short review of the story and a short guide to the plotline. I hope you enjoy my selections, and if you do, email me and tell me about it.