I am thrilled to announce Glimpse, The Tender Killer, Book 3 of The Deadly Glimpses Trilogy, was released on September 11th. I was staggered to see that in the first three weeks, it picked up 30 reviews on Amazon (US); here is one from Starra Andrews:

5.0 out of 5 stars
A Thrilling, Chilling Read Which Also Pulls On Your Heartstrings!
September 12, 2019
Glimpse, the Tender Killer is the third book in this series, and the excitement continues! I’ve become very attached to the key characters, Detective Sergeant Rick McCoy and psychologist Patricia Holmes, as well as several others—which is exactly what a reader wants and a good writer provides. In this installment, the race is on to find the Tender Killer, who hunts his prey from an online dating site. As Rick and Patricia continue on their own passionate yet painful journey, we delve into the mind of the killer and find out how he became a predator, leaving bodies in his wake. This story also expands with a supernatural element, which begs the question: Is this evil entity part of a twisted mind, or out there in the world waiting to cling to another embittered human? I found it hard to put my Kindle down with this book, and I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next!
Starra, thank you for the kind words, and you will be pleased to know Rick and Pat’s journey carries on in Glimpse, the Angel Shot, also on Amazon (and audio)

The trilogy follows the growing lust between police detective Rick McCoy and Criminal psychologist Patricia Holmes, who are both in dysfunctional marriages and instantly attracted to each other when forced to work together in the hunt for PPP in Glimpse, Memoir of a Serial Killer. The relationship develops further in Book 2, Glimpse, and The Beautiful Deaths and comes to a climax (no pun intended) in Book 3. I love the two central characters and the trials and tribulations they face. As an author, it is all about creating characters the reader can invest in and care what happens to. If I can, hold on to your hat; we are going on a roller coaster ride.

Meanwhile, this novel features my all-time favorite killer, Bobby, and his schizophrenic alter ego, Jolly, a bible-thumping evangelist who urges Bobby to kill people who tell lies to attract sexual partners. But is Jolly a figment of Bobby’s troubled psyche, or is he real? For me, this is the scariest concept I’ve ever written.

Here is the official blurb for the book:

Criminal psychologist Patricia Holmes is now a detective paired with Sergeant Rick McCoy. Together, they hunt “The Biblical Killer,” so named for the quotes left on walls written in the victim’s blood. To lure the murderer out, they join the Tender Nights internet dating site, openly making themselves targets. 

Rick and Pat have fought their desire for each other for months. Can they now survive their lust and an insane murderer intent on vengeance?

This book also sees the return of PPP and his insane quest for revenge against Rick and Pat. He is planning his escape, and as readers will be aware from Book 1, PPP is the master of strategic planning.

Of all the books I’ve written, this was the most satisfying and, I think, the best thing I’ve done so far. Thankfully, I’m not the only person who thought so, and there was a great deal of pressure from readers to find out what happened next. Even the trilogy’s narrator of the audio versions, the wonderfully gifted Geoffrey Boyes, told me I CANNOT leave it there and that he would never speak to me again if I didn’t write a fourth installment. Geoffrey, this is now a trilogy of four books, by popular demand. Glimpse, The Angel Shot, and yes, Jolly returns…………

Here is the Amazon link for Glimpse, the Tender Killer: https://amzn.to/2yDMrOF