Book 1: Three Deadly Glimpses. Buy E.Book here: Also available in paperback and audio.

1999 in Perth, Australia, recently separated Sergeant Rick McCoy investigates the murder of a woman found dissected and packed inside a suitcase. With the approaching new millennium and the threat of computers shutting down worldwide, he reconciles with his wife, Juliet, but gets no closer to finding the killer.

The murderer abducts another victim and threatens to dismember her and send Rick body parts each day he is not stopped. He is trying to rebuild his marriage and is frustrated at every turn in the investigation. When he is paired with glamorous Criminal Psychologist Patricia Holmes, their attraction to each other is instantaneous. They are in a desperate race against time to free the victim while Rick fights his desire for his new partner.

The killer wants fame in equal proportion to revenge, and he keeps a diary, which he believes will make him the most famous serial killer in Australia’s history if only the police could catch him.