I am incredibly humbled (and thrilled right down to my socks) when people not only enjoy the stories and characters I have created, but take the time to post a review, or email me with complimentary coments. A very sincere thank you to the wonderful people kind enough to send me their thoughts.


Reviews for The Vigilante Taxi:

The descriptive manner in which Mr King writes takes the reader on a visual journey which grips and holds your attention, I found I couldn’t stop turning the pages and didn’t want to skim over any paragraphs for fear of missing a critical piece of information.

The Vigilante Taxi takes you to places you never dreamt of entering and into a murky world of violence and over handed protection rackets as we see the seedy side of Northbridge and meet the biker gangs that rule the streets, prostitution and the drug trade.

Along with this we get to know Nicky, who you ultimately want to triumph over the evil he encounters whilst driving his taxi. We learn why he does what he does and as a reader we implore him to keep going, but his life takes a change for the better when he saves Didi one night from being raped, both Didi and Nicky come from troubled backgrounds and you find yourself holding the relationship he builds with Didi extremely fondly as we learn he is a compassionate man with integrity.

Alas unknowingly on one fateful night he takes on the sadistic king of the Northbridge Underworld. The police are involved and the brother of the murdered man is out to destroy and ultimately kill him.

The love he has for Didi grows as does her love for him and we are swept up in their love affair. The police are on his tail, and the sadistic drug barons who’s violent ways know no compunction are after him. He must confide in Didi about his vigilante past to keep her safe but is worried as to how she will react.

The net closes in and we are faced with an extremely fast paced conclusion that you don’t see coming but with some relief makes sense.

This is the first book I have read from Stephen B King, he writes in a genre that I enjoy and I find his style of writing to be compelling and full of suspense.
I look forward to reading more from this new local Perth author.

Darlene Richardson.

Being a new author, with a famous name, I was a bit unsure. Then I got pulled in….. I found the story to be quite beautiful, centring around a complex relationship. The love story is believable, made more heartfelt with Nicky’s relationship with Didi’s small daughter. To be honest, I cried, it reminded me of meeting my step dad for the first time, one of the best days in my families life. The crime story is fast paced, exciting and shows the complexity of the people behind the crime as well as the badge. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and look forward to reading the others.

Antionette Westley (Amazon)

Excellent book by a new author . Just finished reading The Vigilante Taxi. Great storyline which kept me intrigued to the very last. Word . I am looking forward to reading the next book

Lyn Freeman (Amazon)

What an amazing book. Have never looked at a killer like that before. A must read for anyone who loves a good crime novel. Can’t wait to read more books by this author

Sara Charles (Amazon)

Reviews for Burial Ground:

In this compelling novel we meet a couple of people who we hope can only ever exist in an authors mind.
Burial Ground will at times raise the hackles of the reader. Prepare to be disturbed, outraged and enthralled at the same time.

Mr King takes the reader on a journey into a world which thankfully is foreign to most, it is one which in part, due to the discipline of a child, his view of the world enables him to grow into a tormentor of great veracity which goes unnoticed for an extended period of time.

He walks among us and becomes part of society with ease, he marries and has a son, it is only when a young lady manages to escape his clutches that the police make the devastating find in a disused Perth hills gravel pit.

Detective Inspector Sam Collins and his Detective Sergeant Jenny Markham are set to undergo the largest investigation ever undertaken in Western Australia’s history. As the days pass by so, more bodies are found, the discoveries themselves are harrowing but as we read and learn the torment that the victims have endured, it is both shocking and disturbing and yet thanks to the concise descriptive manner in which the story unfolds and the twists and turns the story takes us on we cannot put it down.

There is at times a light side to this novel, we get to know DI Collins a little better and meet DS Markham who we learn has had her challenges but is successfully working through them, there is a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure, but the over all feeling of the book is one of suspense, cleverly written.

Darlene Richardson

Another Sam Collins Detective book ! I’m enjoying the way his character is evolving and the way the book draws you in to the evil minds of the bad guys. Impressed with this new author , very easy to read. I enjoyed every single page and I am looking forward to the next one

Lyn Freeman (amazon

Reviews for Domin8:

Once I finished reading the first chapter, I knew I had to continue reading the entire book. A couple days later, I read the final page with a sense of extreme satisfaction. What a great thriller and mystery book!

The Centeno (Amazon)

Honestly, I usually don’t read books of this particular genre… but a friend told me about this novel so I read the author’s bio and thought I should give it a shot. I LOVED it. Best mystery/crime book I’ve ever read. Would definitely recommend this to friends & family!

Stefanee Escay (Amazon)

Very entertaining, caught my attention from the beginning. Very interesting plot with lots of surprises! Deffenetly would recommend to readers that enjoy crime/mystery novels.

No name given, but verified Amazon purchaser.